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Today’s businesses are facing a deep economic crisis and strive to meet new challenges and create new opportunities to survive and grow. In these efforts, people play the most important role and they have to adapt to new conditions, improve attitudes and take actions to overcome the current difficulties and to effectively contribute to business development.

Anaplasis supports businesses in adapting their practices to Human Resources new practices, so they can build and develop their people towards achieving their strategic objectives. We provide comprehensive consulting services and studies in Human Resource Management topics including:

  • Policy and vision design
  • Setting goals and planning Human Resources
  • Work analysis and redesign of organizational structure
  • Job descriptions (tasks and responsibilities)
  • Introduction of the effective communication system
  • Development and implementation of the Staff Performance Evaluation System
  • Introduction of the Staff Motivation and Reward System
  • Development and implementation of Staff Selection, Recruitment and Adaptation System
  • Redesigning of the Training and Human Resources Development System which includes:
    • Educational needs tracking system
    • Preparation of training plan
    • Training infrastructure support
    • Planning and providing the necessary training
    • Training Archive
    • Evaluation of training effectiveness
  • Preparation of regulations and principles on human resources topics

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