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Companies exist and grow when there are satisfied customers. The quality of products and services are inextricably linked to the degree of customer satisfaction. The Quality Management Systems provide the framework within which any organization can measure and improve its performance and how it works.

The international standard ISO 9001 is based on good international quality practices and is the basis for the development of procedures focusing on the customer. ISO 9001 is the most widely used quality management standard worldwide, which sets out the requirements for developing and implementing an effective Quality Management System.

The benefits of implementing the Quality Management System ISO 9001 are:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Creating competitive advantage
  • Improving business performance and management of business risk
  • Investment attraction
  • Improving the image of the organization
  • Operating costs reduction and savings
  • Internal communication encouragement, increased staff satisfaction and greater accountability
  • Customer satisfaction and customer trust growth
  • Creation of competitive advantage
  • Improvement of the image and reputation of the organization
  • Business performance improvement
  • Operating costs and business problems reduction
  • Efficient use of the business’s resources
  • Improvement of the Internal and external communication
  • Accountability and staff satisfaction

Anaplasis offers development, documentation, monitoring, evaluation and Quality Management Systems inspection services.

Our services include:

  • The diagnostic analysis and study of the current situation
  • The action plan for the development and implementation of the Quality Management System until the certification process
  • Development and documentation of the manual, the required procedures, work instructions, Job descriptions, forms etc
  • Monitoring, control and assisting for the implementation of the Quality Management System
  • Inspection to identify any non-conformities
  • Recommendations for corrective actions and monitoring their implementation
  • Training of the personnel about Quality Management and ISO 9001

Additionally, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to guide you further up the quality of the ISO 9001 certification with the Total Quality Management certification (TQM) and business excellence (EFQM).

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